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Private Cloud Hosting


InVault Iron Hive™

A unique, custom-tailored solution to get your business securely into a private cloud environment.

InVault Iron Hive™ provides the best of of all worlds: the benefits of VMWare, in a FedRamp® approved data center, Nimble SAN Storage, all monitored 24/7/365 by certified professionals. Our solution provides a truly single-tenant, fully managed private cloud for your business based on VMWare; one of the most popular platforms for developing cloud environments. InVault Iron Hive™ gives you the control to add dedicated firewall, load balancers, storage and security monitoring as required to meet your compliance requirements.

InVault IronHive offers a secondary site that provides protection from EMP and solar flares to increase your organization’s digital survivability and DR abilities. The high level of service provided by InVault is cost effective; consistently less expensive and more secure than cloud offerings from the “Big 3.”

More Information on InVault Iron Hive™

Our hosting partner, Lifeline Data Centers (LLDC) is the ONLY expert FedRAMP organization owning services through the entire stack of PaaS hosting.  Lifeline owns and operates the FISMA data centers, directly employs the staff that maintains the data center, owns and operates the hardware and network in which the FedRAMP IaaS and PaaS solution operates, and finally, directly employs the staff that maintains and operates the IaaS/PaaS cloud.  Other notable features of LLDC include:

  1. 24 Hour Network Operations Center (NOC) for support
  2. 24×7 monitoring services
  3. Online backup and recovery services
  4. SAN storage
  5. Router, firewall, load-balancing and switch services
  6. Operating System, backup and replication software licensing
  7. EMP Sheilding available

All Lifeline Data Centers, LLC network devices (switches, routers, and firewalls), be they Cloud, Corporate, or Infrastructure, are configured with and tested for full conformity with DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides).

For more information on Life Line Data Centers, visit their website.

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